Santorini 01.jpg

Talent inspire me to be something more and keep alive.

It is so interesting how every single person has a different way in life and then when we cross our paths we can share about our incredible experiences and this is something nobody will never take away from us, our knowledge and experiences – clichĂȘ – true! But if we stop and think once we overcome all the not nice things about ourselves and our live we can simple improve and be better…. better in what we do for living or in our relations as teachers, doctors, engineers, cookers, dancers, actors, writers, singers, housekeepers, managers, drivers, photographers, husbands, wives… humans!


What inspire us when we go places?

Can we leave our creative side for a break? I doubt!

Travel 4 Real has been projected by a Brazilian Born in 93 and photographer to be, finding talent through inspiring places and communities is my duty on here.

I discovered the beautiful Rhode Island which is my home since 2015.


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