I was born in 93 in the extre(eee)mely heat eastern of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, no kidding it gets 40c/100f no matter it is winter or summertime, I got out home early just when I was 18 looking for something more, such as: culture, prosperity, joy and mainly life experiences.

I lived in Itabira MG for a couple years then moved again to Campinas / Sao Paulo state where it was my ~wild world bridge~ to the slice of the world troughout my incredible job experience in the largest cruise liner of the world, traveling with them I could see a little piece of countries such as Uruguai, Argentina, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, France, Monaco, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Tukey and the masterpiece landscapes of Greece ( my favorite spot in the world so far).

Traveling back and forth I put my feet on the ground in New England USA, I was caught by the culture around here and in love for one of them.  

Wild Life, Landscape and Wedding photographer to be I am here to share scenes and curiosities about my adventures around New England and places I am going to and I have been; I would like to hear the people where I go to, get to know more about their communities, their expectations and what make their life experience in those destinations even more special, what keep them supporting the beautiful view in a postal card?

Besides of the travel obsession I also love music, culture diversity, political issues and photography … of course!

Welcome – Bem Vindo!


Petterson-Patrick Dias
Travel 4 Real


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